Office automation is necessary in a professional corporation

A groupware that effectively supports e-Business environment
Improve your business productivity through built-in functions as e-mail, electronic payment system, collaboration, messaging service, and so on!
A solution for business, foundational to industry integration, including systematization of knowledge information, unification of business tasks, and etc.
A unique business email that enhances your brand value
A powerful anti-spam service that blocks 99% of junk mails.
A daily report of newly blocked mails.
A secure email with an anti-virus software.
A private email account that enhances corporate identity and credibility.
A hierarchical email structure that automatically classifies received mails.
A security system enhanced by secondary login password.
A groupware for global Business
A WEB-based solution, accessible on any environment connected to Internet without installation.
Supports UTF-8 that displays all languages in the world without garbled characters.
Supports a universal form for any multinational corporation with foreign branches.
Supports a unique webmail system built on separate domain server for each affiliate and branch of a corporation.
Effective lease type & custom built type service
Lease type service
Perfect implementation of SaaS system that allows the user to select necessary items for his or her business.
Provided with the latest service without an upgrade fee.
Server management, maintenance, updates, and costumer support operated by ZioYou.

Custom built-type service
Independently operated with a separate server.
User's specific request for developing specialized items for his or her corporation supported by ZioYou.
Operating a customized form for each corporation
Offers the nation's one and only three kinds of editors to operate customized payment forms for each corporation.
Operates a standardized office management principles of a payment method.
Enhances document security using a management setup function.
Pursues quality management through application of various options.
Provides a convenient function for reading and searching documents.
Security Service
Security enhanced by setting various types of passwords.
Double-encrypted login activates when signing in for commuting.
Access method of a particular IP, departmental or individual login set up.
Security enhanced by double encryption of email documents.
Document security enhanced by double-encrypted access of an authorizer.
Double encryption of USB type.

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