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Top 10 knowledge management systems that transformed corporations
An IT system, as an infrastructure that systematically organizes various information entered by members of a group and distributes to all employees to utilize them, efficiently managing and sharing various knowledge and instructions accumulated by combining advanced intelligence technologies.
Integrated management for intellectual properties of a group member
Systematically manages the knowledge dispersed within a corporation.
Communicates and collaborates inside and outside of a corporation and applies the knowledge stored in a new environment.
Transforms into the more valueable knowledge with additional usability and high credibility.
Increasing corporate competitiveness
Systematically manages and shares tangible/intangible knowledge among members of a group.
Increases corporate competitiveness by achieving a core competence of the organization and creating a new additional value.
Makes employees to concentrate on developing a core competence.
Applies a management-based system through standardization of work.
Establishes an actual HR system for change.
Manages customer satisfaction.
Change of the knowledge sharing culture
Arranges a reward system through an evaluation of an employee's knolwedge activities.
Designs a knowledge map based on a standard business process.
Leads to a behavioral knowledge foundational to creation of a core value
Builds the best user-oriented information system.
Differentiated management of a knowledge map
Various management methods for a knowledge map.
Portal management / Evaluation table management / Professional management / Community management
Board management / Mileage management / System statistics.
Provides an interface for quick and easy knowledge registration.
Offers various change management tools.
Supports multiple languages without garbled characters.
Supports a cross-browsing function.

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